12 months in Overview: Mike Hardin Elected District Legal professional |

Year in Review: Mike Hardin Elected District Attorney |

This article is part of The Pilot’s recap of the 10 biggest non-coronavirus news of 2020.

Election season took place early last year in North Carolina. The state held a primary in March instead of May. One of the key races in this main election was the Republican area code for the district attorney. Maureen Krueger, who had worked as a public prosecutor since 2007, decided in summer 2019 not to apply for re-election.

The judicial district that Moore belongs to has been reconfigured to include Hoke County. The campaign drew two attorneys: veteran prosecutor Mike Hardin, who had been assistant district attorney for the counties of Hoke and Scotland, and Arthur Donadio, who began his legal career as a prosecutor before moving into private practice. He was then reinstated by Krueger in 2019.

The campaign was highly competitive and both candidates did extensive online and media work. It also got nasty several times when Hardin and Donadio – and their respective partisans – praised attacks and insults.

Despite Krüger’s support for Donadio, Hardin won the race with more than 60 percent of the vote. Having no Democratic challenger, Hardin put the remainder of the election season on hold and was officially elected for a four-year term in November. He was sworn into office on Friday January 1st.