2 Bismarck attorneys vying for South Central judgeship | Election

2 Bismarck attorneys vying for South Central judgeship | Election

“The people who live in the South Central Judicial District need a judge who has been in court, who has criminal experience, civil experience and recent court experience,” he said. “To sum up my judicial philosophy, it would be tough but fair.”


It’s a belief in the judiciary and a respect for the law that have prompted Storbakken, 48, to seek the judgeship, she said.

“I truly believe in and am passionate about accountability,” Storbakken said. “A judge is in a unique position to adhere to the law, hold folks accountable under the law, and be respectful and compassionate at the same time. And that’s really my goal.”

Storbakken said the main role of a judge is to make decisions under the law and to uphold the integrity and independence of the judiciary. Judges must conduct themselves in such a way that “the faith in the judiciary remains,” she said.

“Maintaining high standards of conduct, being able to make decisions without fear or favor, completely independent of outside influence,” she said. “It really comes down to respect for the law, the law as it’s written and not as one person may wish it to be.”

Attorneys sometimes forget that being in court is stressful and not an everyday occurrence for most people, Storbakken said. Treating everyone with respect and dignity “is extremely important,” she said, adding that a judge has to be fair-minded, open-minded, and not prejudge an issue until all the facts are in. Knowledge of the law and procedure are first and foremost “in every single matter before the court,” she said.