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An Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney In Raleigh, NC

Jun 20

You may find it hard to pay your debts on time during these challenging economic times. This puts your home and other possessions at risk of being taken away by creditors or debt collectors. What can you do to protect your home, car, or other assets from repossession by creditors? Filing for bankruptcy may be the solution. It is advisable to hire an experienced Raleigh bankruptcy lawyer in Raleigh, NC to handle the bankruptcy filing process. Berggren Law Offices PLLC, led by William G. Berggren, is a top-rated bankruptcy law firm in Raleigh you can rely on to regain your financial freedom. Here is how we can help you.

Handle the Bankruptcy Paperwork

Filing for bankruptcy comes with filing a lot of paperwork. You need to prepare a petition and complete schedules of assets and liabilities, a statement of financial affairs, and other required forms. Our Chapter 13 or chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer in Raleigh will prepare these forms and carefully review them with you to ensure their accuracy and completeness.  After the paperwork is completed, we will file it with the court to commence your case.  

Represent You in Court

When you file for bankruptcy, you must attend a mandatory meeting of creditors in both chapter 7 and chapter 13.   This meeting will allow the trustee to examine you concerning your finances.   Subsequent hearings may follow depending on your case and which chapter you are filing under. You need a chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer in Raleigh to represent you during these hearings to ensure favorable outcomes.

Debt Repayment Terms in Chapter 13

If you file a chapter 13, our chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer in Raleigh will represent you in court and work to make your chapter 13 payment as low as possible.  Our lawyer will prepare a chapter 13 plan to provide for the treatment of each class of creditors in accordance with the Bankruptcy Code and Local Rules.  A common misunderstanding concerning chapter 13 is that you must repay all your debts.  This is often incorrect.  Many chapter 13 cases only require a very small amount to be paid to unsecured creditors over the repayment term of the chapter 13 plan, with the balance being wiped out or discharged at the conclusion of the case.   William G. Berggren and his team will analyze your debt situation and help you file under the correct chapter.  If it is chapter 13, we will work to make your monthly payment the lowest it can be under your particular facts.

Offer Legal Counsel Regarding Bankruptcy

Our experienced bankruptcy lawyer Raleigh will offer legal advice regarding your bankruptcy case and financial situation. Our team will guide you in selecting which type of bankruptcy to file and explain what you should expect during the process. Bankruptcy lawyer Raleigh they will also help you overcome legal hurdles along the way. Most importantly, our team will respond to your questions regarding the case to ensure you are well-informed and prepared for a fresh start. 

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