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Do You Need a Lawyer for Work Injury?

Jun 20

After sustaining an injury at the workplace in Orlando, FL, you may often wonder if you need a lawyer for a work injury. With a great deal of anxiety, filing a claim for workers’ compensation may be equally overwhelming. Vaughan Law Group is a top-rated legal firm securing workers’ rights in Orlando Florida.  Read on for reasons to contact us for professional legal assistance.

You Have a Pre-Existing Medical Condition

An underlying medical condition may hinder your chances of getting compensation. For instance, an insurer may claim your injury resulted from your current ailment and is not work-related. 

Vaughan Law Group is home to professional workers’ compensation lawyers in Orlando with over 30 years of experience. We can help you gather the relevant evidence from your treatment records to counter the unlawful denial of your claims.

You Have a Third-Party Claim

Not all claims make your employer liable for occupational injuries. For instance, if you sustained an injury following a defective machine component, you may sue the manufacturer for damages.

Vaughan Law Group is your trusted partner for third-party claims. Our Orlando workers’ comp lawyer can help you file a civil lawsuit against the third party so you seek compensation.

You Have Varied Opinions on Your Ability to Work

Sometimes an employer may collude with an insurance company to claim you’re fit for work despite an injury. As a result, you’ll receive reduced benefits if the employer insists on modifying your duties to accommodate your current condition.

Vaughan Law Group comes in handy if you dispute your employer’s opinion of your work ability. An experienced work comp attorney Orlando can review your case and present evidence of your occupational injuries. Thus, you’ll receive all benefits commensurate with your condition.

Your Employer Hasn’t Remitted Workers’ Compensation Premiums.

The Florida Law requires employers to remit workers’ compensation premiums to insurance companies on behalf of their employees. However, some employees fail to pay insurance companies, leading to claims denial in times of need.

If you’re denied compensation owing to your employer’s failed remittance, you may contact an Oralndo workers’ comp lawyer at Vaughan Law Group for help.

You're Disputing the Doctor’s Clearance

Sometimes, an employer-affiliated doctor may clear you to resume work soon and deny your request to see a specialist. The downside is that accepting to continue work immediately after an injury may deny your claim for workers’ compensation.

Vaughan Law Group is the go-to legal firm after a hurried doctor’s clearance. An experienced Orlando workers’ comp attorney from our law firm can help you find a second opinion that secures your right.

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