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Montgomery Workers Compensation Lawyer

Jul 24

A workplace injury in Norristown, PA can lead to devastating impacts on your entire life. You might be out of work for months and, in some instances, permanently. Besides, you might have a considerable amount of medical bills to cover. However, you should note that you have the right to compensation, regardless of the extent of the injuries. If you are in Montgomery and the surrounding areas, you can seek professional legal representation from the Law Offices Of James V. Monaghan. Our Montgomery County workers’ compensation lawyer Norristown, will assess your case and help you recover compensation for the injuries, lost wages, and medical bills. Here are more ways our team can help you with the injury case.

Protecting Your Rights

As an average person, you might not understand the laws that apply to your case. You might fall prey to the tricks of insurance companies. Our Montgomery County Workers’ comp lawyer Norristown understands the laws that protect your rights.

Handling Discussions with the Insurance Company

With a highly qualified Montgomery County workers’ compensation attorney Montgomery County, you’ll not have to deal directly with the insurance company. Instead, we handle all discussions on your behalf. This eliminates the chances of saying anything that could compromise your success. We make sure to give accurate details to convince the insurance adjuster.

Negotiating a Favorable Settlement

A workplace injury can be settled with a fair settlement offer. Insurance adjusters are not always fair. Workers Comp Lawyer Montgomery County will negotiate with the insurance company to get you the most favorable compensation.

Take Your Case to Trial

If negotiations fail to work, our workers’ compensation attorney in Montgomery County will take your case to trial. We’ll represent your best interests to help get your life back on track. Furthermore, we provide objective opinions and walk with you throughout the process to help you make well-informed decisions.

A Montgomery County workers’ comp lawyer working for you means professional assistance in obtaining evidence and fighting for your best interests. You can call or contact us online, and we’ll be honored to help.

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