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Personal Injury Lawyer in St. Louis

Jul 25

The Powell Law Firm, the most prestigious highly-rated law firm in St. Louis, MO will perform two vital tasks when you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident where you are not at fault.

You never should wonder if you need to hire a personal injury lawyer in St. Louis.  They are worth far more than you realize.

The Accident Scene

Something you don’t realize is that the attorneys at the Powell Law Firm can bring a fresh set of eyes to the accident scene.  There are trained personnel available who know exactly what they are looking for.  

An auto accident lawyer in St. Louis might be able to find details that the police may have overlooked.  Police investigate thousands of accidents.  Your attorney from the Powell Law Firm is only worried about your accident.  Our attorney may have had previous interactions with the trucking company whose driver caused your injury.  We know what questions to ask.

We may notice a confusing traffic sign.  We may find skid marks that were previously not noted.  


Communication Skills

Your St. Louis personal injury lawyers will also relieve you of the stress of communicating with all the different parties involved in the accident.

Your attorney at the Powell Law Group will study the police report. They may find details that don’t add up.  Then we will be able to call up the officer that filled out the report.  Most of us are intimidated when talking to the police, but your St. Louis personal injury lawyers do this every day.  We know what to ask and these questions may affect the outcome of your case.

The other part of difficult communications that your personal injury attorneys in St. Louis will take care of for you are the communications with the opposing insurance company or companies.

Especially if you have been injured in an accident with a commercial vehicle, trucking companies hire aggressive attorneys to protect their interests.  These opposing attorneys might be able to bully you into accepting a low-ball compensation offer. After all, insurance companies are not in the business of losing money.

Your St. Louis personal injury attorney from the Powell Law Firm is not frightened of pushy lawyers. We have superior negotiating skills and will stand up for your rights no matter what.  We will have a calm demeanor when dealing with the opposing attorneys and insurance adjustors.  We've been through this process many times before, so we are properly prepared and confident in our abilities.

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