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Explaining the Advantages of No-Fault Auto Insurance

Aug 3

Although many Southfield, MI drivers think that no-fault auto insurance is a step in the wrong direction, the experienced Southfield auto accident attorneys at the law firm of Wigod & Falzon can tell you that no-fault auto insurance does have some good points that can work in your favor.

Time is Money

Car Accident Lawyer Michigan thanks to Michigan's no-fault auto insurance laws, they save time. Each driver files their claim with their insurance carrier, saving time. In at-fault states, nothing can happen until the fault has been determined.

When you are injured enough to be out of work, waiting for reimbursement for your claim can cause financial damage.  So, being able to file your claim with your own insurance company should speed up that process. 

No-Fault Insurance Requires Drivers to Have Certain Coverages 

Another advantage of Michigan no-fault insurance is that Michigan drivers must buy certain coverages if they want to own and drive a car in Michigan.  These coverages protect everyone in Michigan.  Below you will find the three mandatory coverages that Michigan drivers must carry by Southfield Auto Accident Attorney.

Personal Injury Protection

This one is quite important.  Personal injury protection pays for all your necessary medical expenses when you are injured in an accident.  If you are injured, your Southfield no-fault insurance attorneys at Wigod & Falcon can tell you that personal injury protection covers you for your entire lifetime – but only up to the coverage you chose when you bought your policy.  

It is possible to buy unlimited coverage if you want to. Otherwise, the choices are $500,000, $250,000, or $50,000.

Property Protection 

Your Southfield no-fault insurance lawyers at Wigod & Falzon will also explain that property protection is the second coverage you must have.  This coverage pays up to $1 million for any property damage that your car does in Michigan to someone else’s property, other than cars.  It will also pay for damages to other cars that were properly parked but got in the way of the accident.

Residual Liability Insurance

The final section of your mandatory Michigan no-fault insurance is to keep you from being sued, except under strict circumstances.  Your qualified traffic accident attorney in Southfield at Wigod & Falzon can explain what constitutes those circumstances.

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