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Buying Property in Thailand: Legal Services

Aug 6

You can obtain mortgages or other financial products to buy property in Thailand, but you should be sure to consult with a lawyer to ensure everything is in order. You may also want to hire a lawyer to review a contract you're considering signing. Regardless of the financing source you choose, there are many benefits to using a lawyer before you sign anything.


Due Diligence in Thailand

When buying property in Thailand, you should exercise Due Diligence before making any decisions. This process will allow you to check out the property's history, determine if it has been owned by the same people for a long time, and investigate the position of the current owner. Scams are rampant and property buyers must be very careful to avoid disappointment. If you have any questions about Due Diligence when buying property in Thailand, feel free to contact us.

Performing Due Diligence before purchasing property in Thailand means doing a thorough inspection of the property and confirming whether the owner has any legal issues. To do this, you can hire a property practitioner or attorney to review documents and perform a land title search in Thailand. You should also conduct a due diligence report to protect your investment and ensure the property is as described.


Property Contract Review in Thailand

Getting a Property Contract Review in Thailand is extremely important, as this finalizes the sale agreement between the buyer and seller. The contract may contain some difficult terms, so it is very important to get it reviewed by a Thai lawyer. The following are some things to keep in mind when having a Property Contract Review in Thailand. These can help ensure that you don't lose out on any rights or obligations in the contract. If you are considering buying a property in Thailand, get one as soon as possible.

First, get a Property Contract Review in Thailand from a lawyer. While this might seem like an unnecessary expense, it will protect you and your investment. The lawyer will be familiar with the property laws in Thailand, and will be able to point out any clauses you need to clarify. They will also be able to determine if any government permits have been obtained for the property. By hiring a lawyer, you'll avoid potential legal issues down the road.


Property Title Transfer in Thailand

To transfer a property title in Thailand, you must first have a legal document, known as a Power of Attorney, stating that you want a representative to act on your behalf. A power of attorney is a legal document that allows someone to act on your behalf while you are not present. The representative can be a friend or a member of the developer or Keller Henson team. You can also choose to have a lawyer act on your behalf.

While foreigners can legally hold a property title in their name, they cannot register as landowners in Thailand. They can hold a right of use, which is not registered in the Land Department, or have a 30-year renewable lease. The latter type of title must be registered with the Land Department. In addition, "change of title" is only a legal title that can be held by a Thai national.