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Hiring a Property Lawyer in Thailand

Aug 15

Using the services of a property lawyer is an essential part of buying a property in Thailand. A lawyer can assist in reviewing the sales contract and determine whether or not it has been done correctly and if there are hidden agendas. They can also help in assuring the buyer that all property documents and titles are legitimate and free of any issues. Hiring a property lawyer will give you peace of mind and allow you to enjoy the many benefits that come with owning a property in Thailand.


Due Diligence in Thailand

Conducting Due Diligence when hiring a property attorney in Thailand is extremely important. The due diligence involves investigating a property before purchasing it. This investigation will help you verify ownership, free from mortgages and liens, and many other issues. If you're looking for a Thai property lawyer, you've come to the right place. We handle many cases for both foreigners and Thais looking to buy property.

When buying property in Thailand, it's essential to conduct Due Diligence before signing a contract. You may not know that the property is in arrears on building management fees or common area fees. Check with the building management company to see if any of these things are in arrears. Also, make sure to check if the condominium is allowed to expand. A lawyer will help you determine if there are any building or development restrictions on the property.


Review of Contracts - Thailand Property Procedure

Having a contract reviewed before signing is crucial for the purchase of a foreign or luxury property. While the top officials who negotiate the deals will write contracts in a rush, an experienced lawyer can ensure that the terms of the contract are clear and not subject to hidden complexities that can lead to costly lawsuits. A legal review of the contract also provides peace of mind and prevents potential misunderstandings that may arise after the purchase.

Before signing any contracts, it's vital to review them thoroughly. This document is essentially the law between the buyer and seller. Every agreement is made with the parties' consent. As such, it is important to check if the vendor has the legal right to sell the property. It is also important to verify that there are no liens on the property or lease arrangements that would prevent the sale. When in doubt, a qualified Thailand lawyer will provide a review of the contract so that the parties are both happy with it.


Buying Property in Chiang Mai

While the Thai government has implemented laws to ensure the protection of your interests, agencies do not always follow them. In Chiang Mai, agencies are notorious for not having high ethical standards, poor legislation, and poor training. Although agents in Bangkok have semi-official licenses, these are often worthless. The biggest problem with Chiang Mai agents is that they usually represent the interests of the seller and landlord rather than the buyer. That means that they have a conflict of interest that you need to consider.

First of all, it is essential to hire a property lawyer when buying property in Chiang Mai. Many agents in Thailand will not offer you a reasonable price for a property, and will instead stick to their own price. It is a good idea to hire a property lawyer before purchasing a property in Chiang Mai since most agents don't give the market value for land and will try to push it as far as possible.