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Going to Rehab Before a Court Date: Good Idea or Bad Idea?

Sep 13

There are a number of benefits to going to rehab before your court date. First of all, it shows the judge that you are trying to fix a problem that is affecting your life. Second of all, it can help you avoid prison or jail time. And third, it can help you become sober and free from addiction.

It Helps Avoid Jail or Prison

If you've been charged with a crime, you may be looking at jail time. Choosing to go to rehab can prevent you from facing those consequences. In fact, it may save your life. Not only will it help you avoid jail, but you can also help yourself avoid a court date if you go into treatment before your court date.

Going to prison or jail is a scary thought, but there are steps you can take to prepare yourself physically and emotionally. Depending on the nature of your addiction, you might wish to use certain substances before your court date. This may be a good idea if you can't wait until you are released.

lawyer discussing with defendant how going to rehab can help his court case for DUI charges

It Can Help You Achieve Sobriety

If you're about to go to rehab, you may be wondering how it will help you achieve sobriety. While it may seem overwhelming, the longer you stay in treatment, the more likely you are to stay sober. Studies have shown that people who spend at least three months in rehab achieve the most sobriety.

If you have been drinking and using drugs for some time, rehab may be the right answer. A 60-day program will give you enough time to detox and develop new habits. Some rehabs offer payment plans, which may be ideal for your budget. Another option is to go for a 90-day program, which offers more support and has the highest success rate. You may be able to qualify for a reduced sentence if you are able to complete a longer rehab program.

A court order can also help you achieve sobriety. A judge can order a person to enter rehab after they have committed a crime. If they don't finish the program, they may still face prosecution and jail time for the crime. The whole point of a court-ordered rehab is to give offenders a chance to achieve sobriety. If you don't complete rehab, you'll lose your chance to avoid prosecution and fines.

Should I Wait Until After My Court Date to go to Rehab?

Although going to court first might appear to be the most appropriate option, however, you'll be put under bond conditions that prevent the consumption of alcohol or substances until you are ready for the court date. It's surprising that a period of court-ordered sobriety may hinder you from meeting the medical necessity criteria for the cost of treatment. Insurance companies consider the criteria they use to determine "medical necessity" when deciding on the claims they will pay for or decline. Therefore, even though a person might require urgent help for their alcohol or drug addiction, if they've not taken a drink or drug for several days or even weeks, they could have to pay for treatment from their out of pocket.