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Sep 29

ILR Lawyer (Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK)

An application for indefinite leave to remain that has been properly filed, is well-supported, and conforms with all applicable immigration regulations cannot be rejected by the Home Office for any valid reason. As a result, over 99% of ILR claims filed by Adamir Solicitors are successful.

Those who want to settle in the UK and remain there for the foreseeable future should submit an application for permission to remain indefinitely (ILR).

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The lawyers at Adamir Indefinite Leave to Remain Lawyers. in the UK may assist with a number of issues, including:

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Why apply for indefinite leave to remain?

If ILR is approved, you can:

  • emigrate to the UK permanently.
  • Don't worry about completing extra visa applications or meeting prerequisites.
  • Not need to ask for a visa extension. Take a job without having your employment restricted by the requirements for work visas and eligibility for skilled worker visas, or without your employer obtaining a Sponsor Licence from the Home Office to engage you.
  • travel to and from the UK is unrestricted.

Adamir Solicitors indefinite leave to remain advice services

Eligibility for indefinite leave to remain

A member of their immigration team will consider the bare minimum amount of time you must have spent in the UK prior to applying indefinite permission to remain when considering your eligibility for ILR.

Although this period of time may be shorter or longer, applicants typically have five years after finishing their residency requirements to file an application for ILR. Extended stays outside of the UK as a resident are subject to onerous processes. How long the residence requirement will last is determined by the following factors:

  • your visa category.
  • Your ability to keep your financial situation stable.
  • Your marital status and, if applicable, the nation of your spouse.
  • Your history with immigration.

With the support of London's finest immigration attorneys, your chances of filing a successful application for indefinite leave to remain are improved.

Advice for the UK Life exam

Any candidate for ILR must now provide proof of passing the "Life in the UK" exam as a requirement of their application. They may provide you guidance, help you choose the ideal testing location, and aid with your exam preparation.

Residence Cards with Biometric Information

In order to support your application for indefinite permission to remain, you must provide documentation of your biometric residence permit (BRP). This is due to the fact that your BRP helps to verify your identity and current immigration status.

Once you've received your indefinite permission to remain, your old biometric residence permit will be updated to reflect your new status. The biometric residence permit is an important document since it proves your ability to do things like rent property or open a bank account in the UK in addition to allowing you to live and work there.

assistance with applications for permanent residence
According to immigration Rule 30 of HC 395, a request for an ILR cannot be lawfully made unless it is accompanied by the necessary payment in local currency.

The immigration lawyers at Adamir Solicitors will guide you through the ILR application form, explain the appropriate fee, and describe the required supporting evidence. A list of the available application forms is accessible online.

The following varieties of indefinite leave to remain fall under their purview:

  • FORM SET (M) - ILR application for partners
  • FORM SET (DV) ILR application for victims of domestic violence
  • FORM SET (F) - ILR application for children
  • FORM SET (BUS) - ILR application for representative of an overseas business
  • FORM SET (O) - ILR application for other purposes/not covered by other application
  • FORM SET (P) - ILR application for refugees or person granted humanitarian protection
  • FORM SET (LR) – ILR application for individuals applying under the 10 year long residence rules


Refusals to grant indefinite leave to remain, court reviews, and appeals
It can be quite disheartening to have your request for indefinite leave to remain denied, but the good news is that you may be able to overturn this decision in many cases with the right legal assistance.

Working with an experienced immigration attorney is crucial since simple procedural concerns, such as mistakes on the application forms, can result in ILR applications being rejected.

If your request for indefinite leave to remain is declined, you have three options:

  • Judicial Review - if you feel there were procedural problems in the way your application was handled, which led to its wrongful denial Submit a new application - if there were faults in your earlier application or crucial information was missing
  • Make an indefinite leave to remain appeal if your application was related to a human rights or protection claim. Adamir's indefinite leave to remain lawyers are very experienced in dealing with ILR refusals and can advise you on your options and help you, whenever possible, to achieve a better result.
  • They can also help if you need to submit an urgent application so that your case can be heard right away.

Allow Adamir Solicitors to help you apply for UK indefinite permission to stay.


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