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How a Nashville Truck Accident Attorney Helps with a Claim

Oct 25

Were you involved in a truck accident in Nashville, TN that was not your fault? If so, consulting with a Nashville truck accident attorney from The Keating Firm LTD should be your first course of action. We are highly qualified lawyers in Nashville, so we can help you avoid costly mistakes and give you the best chance of success for your claim. This is especially when it comes to:

Seeking Treatment

Our Nashville Injury Lawyer will advise you to seek medical attention within the shortest time possible. That’s because putting off treatment could lead to more complications that you might not be able to seek compensation for.

Seeking treatment right after the accident sets you on the road to recovery. Also, it helps our Injury Lawyer Nashville to use medical records and reports as evidence to prove to the insurer that you deserve reimbursement to mitigate the damages.

Posting on Social Media

After a truck accident, your life is at stake, and you should remember that the insurance adjuster will monitor your online activity. Therefore, they could misconstruct your posts and use them against you. Our Nashville Car Accident Attorney will advise you to lay low on social media. We’ll help you enable your privacy settings and refrain from posting anything about the incident and its aftermath.

Accepting Low Ball Settlement Offer

Understandably, you may want to accept the first monetary offer so you can put everything behind quickly and move on with your life. But, you cannot be sure if the settlement will be enough to cater for medical care and other future expenses. That’s why it’s best to have our representation from the first stages of your case. We’ll consider expenses incurred right after the accident and those you might incur in the future to get your life back on track. This way, we do not settle until we’re confident that you’re receiving the compensation you deserve.

Communicating with the Insurance Adjusters

If the insurance representative asks for a statement, it’s good to let our Nashville Personal Injury Lawyer handle it. That’s because saying anything on a record opens room for disputes. Our team will gather evidence and ensure every piece of information is detailed and accurate enough to build a solid foundation for your claim.

The Keating Firm LTD will be honored to advocate for your rights if you’re hurt or injured by the negligence of another party. So, do not hesitate to call (615) 647-8223 to set up a free, non-obligatory consultation. Contact our Accident Lawyer Nashville.


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