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About Clientele Legal

Dec 10

What is Clientele Legal?

Clientèle Legal is a leading provider of legal services in South Africa. For more than 10 years, they have been helping clients protect their rights and interests through their professional attorneys, who specialize in different areas of law such as family matters, contracts, tax and estate planning, immigration issues, litigation and criminal defence. With Clientèle Legal you get access to the best legal advice at an affordable cost.

Plans They Offer

The company offers four plans to choose from the Standard Legal Plan, the Classic Legal Plan which also covers your spouse and children (up to 21 if they are full-time students), the Extended Family Legal Plan for larger families or businesses that require more coverage-and finally, the Business Plan sized for small to medium size enterprises. Each plan provides coverage up to a certain amount per annum for professional legal fees with competitive premiums depending on your needs.

What They Cover

In addition to providing legal cover for all kinds of cases – from death claims to debt collection - Clientele also offers various other benefits, such as 24/7 emergency line support in case of crime or accidents; bail benefits when arrested; retrenchment service if faced with salary issues due to the Covid-19 pandemic; funeral guide with tips on how to make arrangements during this difficult time; media claims protection against libel or slander accusations; free downloads such as brochures about insurance policies in English language only plus exclusive competitions where members can win prizes every month!

Getting Information & Quotes

On Clientele’s website, you will find information about their products including details like policyholders’ rights & responsibilities, along with a FAQs section containing answers to the most common questions related to life insurance & its effects on other types of insurance policies held by the same person or business entity. You can even request quotes online without the need to send any documents over so that you can compare prices before making a final decision regarding the type of attorney experience needed when handling a particular matter at hand.


With nearly three decades worth of experience behind them, it is no wonder why people trust Clientele's lawyers when it comes to finding solutions for their personal & business needs, like whether those involve contract negotiations or settling a dispute between two parties involved via court representation etc. Their team consists of highly qualified professionals who share a common goal – providing quality services based on mutual understanding between both lawyer & client so that the desired result may be achieved without unnecessary stress caused by the lack thereof knowledge regarding specific laws applicable within a given jurisdiction where the case might be processed, eventually resulting in a positive outcome after, processing has been completed successfully, while keeping costs down low thanks usage modern technology like e-signatures among others being used throughout the whole process thus eliminating need physical presence whenever possible so everyone involved could save some valuable time instead!


In conclusion, there’s no doubt that having the right kind of lawyer representing one’s interest makes a big difference, especially when dealing with complicated matters requiring a specialized approach unique to each situation itself, since laws tend to differ across countries meaning someone living in the United States cannot expect the same results would receive while filing case within South African context regardless underlying cause may be but going forward Clienetelé remains go-to choice anyone seeking reliable source assistance whatever form result might take later down line!