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Jan 3

Personal injuries are injuries caused by reckless/negligent parties of individuals which affect the body and mind. Individuals who suffer personal injuries can file legal claims against the responsible party to recover settlement/compensation for damages and injuries sustained. 

Personal injuries can cause emotional turmoil, limitations on the quality of life, and physical pain. In Marietta, GA the victims may also have stacked up medical bills and other related expenses resulting from the accident. 

Professional help from an experienced and skilled Marietta personal injury lawyer can help you deal with the litigations involved. That's why The Graham Firm has taken it upon itself to deal with all types of personal injury cases in Georgia. Some of the litigation services we provide include the following:

Automobile Accidents Cases

Every day, hundreds are killed and injured in accidents involving motorcycles, trucks, and cars. Some of these auto accidents result from negligent/reckless driving, speeding, unsafe roads, inclement weather conditions, or driver fatigue. Unfortunately, auto accidents may also involve pedestrians and bicycles. 

No matter the cause of the auto accident, The Graham Firm will provide the most compassionate Auto Accident Lawyer Marietta has to handle your case. We will work vigorously to provide the most favorable outcome for the best settlement for your injuries/property damages. 

Construction Accidents

Most construction accidents result from defective equipment, scaffolding, or other types of accidents. The accidents may cause catastrophic damages and injuries that may lead to permanent injuries or death of the victim. 

If you have sustained injuries from a construction accident, The Graham Firm will provide you with the best Marietta personal injury attorney to represent you. You may also contact our firm for trusted consultation for your injury case. 

Wrongful Deaths

Some accidents may cause victims' death. If you have lost a relative or a loved one from an accident, whether auto, construction, slip and fall, malpractice, or animal attack, The Graham Firm will provide you with a reliable Marietta Wrongful Death Attorney to handle your case. 

We have genuine compassion for clients and understand the family's pain while grieving their loved ones. We will fight for your rights to get justice for the death of your loved one. 

Premises Accidents

Premises accidents range from slip and fall accidents and dog bites. The Graham Firm will provide the most experienced Slip and Fall Attorney Marietta to handle your slip and fall accident to get a maximum settlement for damages/injuries sustained. If you have experienced an animal attack, we will also provide you with an injury lawyer to provide trusted legal services. 


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