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Family Legal Services for Foreigners in Thailand

Apr 26

When a foreigner is living or working in Thailand, he or she will encounter many legal issues that require the assistance of local lawyers. Depending on the type of law issue, it is important to find a lawyer with extensive experiences and high success rate.

Fortunately, there are a number of law firms in Thailand that offer family legal services for foreigners. These firms can assist with a range of issues, such as divorce, child custody, adoption, prenuptial agreement, and marriage registration.

Drafting Prenuptial Agreement in Thailand

Drafting a prenuptial agreement in Thailand is a necessary step to take to ensure that your assets are protected in the event of divorce. This document outlines the financial assets and debts of both parties and specifies who will have what in case of dissolution of marriage.

A Thai family lawyer can help you prepare a prenuptial agreement, ensuring that it is legal and upheld in court. They can also help you protect your property from debt collectors who may try to take your assets if you do not have a valid prenuptial agreement in place.

Before drafting a prenuptial agreement, you should fully disclose your assets and debts to your partner. This can include financial statements, bank accounts, retirement funds, and an appraisal for your property. You will also need to create a schedule of your assets and liabilities.

Marriage Registration in Thailand

If you are a foreigner planning to get married in Thailand, you will need to take certain steps to ensure the legality of your marriage. One of the steps is registering your wedding with the government.

In order to register your marriage in Thailand, you will need to present a number of documents. These include affirmations from your respective embassy in Thailand, as well as the presence of a valid pre-nuptial agreement with your spouse.

Once you have all of your documents in place, you will need to visit the local district office called “Amphur” or “Khet.”

After being registered, each of the parties will be given a certificate that shows that their marriage is legally recognized. This certificate can then be used as proof of your marriage abroad.

Dissolution of Marriage in Thailand

Under Thai law, a marriage may be dissolved in several ways. The most common is by divorce, which can be a straightforward process.

If both parties agree to the dissolution of their marriage, they can obtain an uncontested divorce. The couple can file for a divorce at their local district office or at the Amphur where the marriage was registered.

The divorce should be in written form, certified and signed by two witnesses, and registered with the relevant authorities. All divorce documents should be in Thai.

If you are considering getting a divorce in Thailand, it is best to consult with a Thai lawyer to ensure that your case is valid and legal. You should also know that a contested divorce is more expensive and time-consuming than an uncontested one.

Hiring a Family Lawyer in Thailand

A family lawyer in Thailand is a professional who can help you with legal matters related to your family. This includes drafting prenuptial agreements, marriage registration, and divorce cases.

It’s also important to check whether the lawyer you’re planning to hire is legally qualified. Only lawyers licensed by the Law Council of Thailand can provide you with legal advice and represent you in a court of law.

The first step is to find a reliable source of information about the legal practitioner in question. You can use a Thai embassy’s list of local lawyers or ask fellow expatriates on forums and websites in Thailand who have worked with a particular practitioner.

A good Thai family lawyer will be familiar with the laws and procedures of the country, and have experience with domestic violence cases. They will also be able to help you draft a prenuptial agreement and prepare a last will and testament.