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Why You Should Hire a Title IX Lawyer

May 31

Title IX, a federal civil right law, prohibits sexual harassment and assault against students and young people by schools or other institutions receiving federal funding. It also allows victims who have been wronged to file civil suits for damages against their school. These laws are complicated and can be misinterpreted, so it's important to work with an attorney that is familiar with them. Our Title IX lawyers can help you defend your rights if your child or you have been accused of an offense based on sex.

Title IX applies to all aspects of education programs and activities operated by educational institutions that receive federal financial assistance. This includes colleges, university and elementary and high schools. This includes student organizations, athletic teams and even colleges. In general, any institution that receives federal funds must have a procedure for dealing with sexual misconduct allegations. This procedure should be fair to all students regardless of gender or class.

Unfortunately, Title IX hearings are often treated in a biased and unfair manner by schools. This can harm the reputation of accused student and impact their future careers. This is particularly true if they are accused of sexual assault or date rape. An experienced Title IX Lawyer Chicago can protect the due process and academic freedom rights of students who have been unfairly accused of a sex offense.

A Title IX inquiry usually begins with an accuser's complaint. This complaint can come from a student, or a staff member. The school then conducts an investigation, interviews both the complainant and the accused student, talks to witnesses and reviews the evidence. This may result in sanctions such as expulsion and suspension. Depending on the outcome, the student can choose to appeal.

A Title IX investigation will usually be conducted by an investigator or investigators hired by a school. They ignore due process protections, and interview the witnesses with preconceived notions. They may therefore overlook crucial exculpatory facts that could help the accused.

It is essential to have a Title IX Defense Attorney who can gather evidence, and build up a strong case in your favor. An attorney can be a mediator during the investigation in order to prevent statements from being made that could lead to your prosecution. A competent lawyer will also be able challenge the credibility the accuser through exposing inconsistencies.

Binnall Law Group's Title IX attorneys can help you if your college student or you have been falsely accused. We will be a strong advocate for you at every step of the process - from the initial investigation to any possible appeals.

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