24/7 Protection? Ruby Has Your Again!

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Now we hear more than ever about the need for help – especially when it comes to missing calls. Ruby is helping to meet this increased demand for personal connections, as the practices aim to best serve customers while switching to virtual and remote work. It is an honor for us to serve the legal profession in these times of need.

Do you need a few extra hands? You're not alone. Whether you need short-term help, overflow support, or long-term backup, our award-winning receptionists and chat specialists offer your customers a seamless experience around the clock.

We curate our conversations with your customers to adapt them to the news and tone of your practice. We can speak to your practice's unique FAQs (including your custom COVID script), forward messages within minutes, offer bilingual reception services, perform the recording, and provide unmatched customer communication and support day and night.

How can we help?

At Ruby, the best thing to do is answer customer calls and support requests. We ensure that 100% of your calls are processed and verified by a U.S.-based professional receptionist – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We can handle overflow calls when your employees are busy or sick, and can even make outgoing calls on your behalf to keep customers up to date on all security measures before they are appointed.

Ruby can also provide custom call handling so we can transfer to any employee no matter where they work, and the warm transfers ensure that they never answer a call they are not ready for.

More time online?

Your customers spend up to 25% more time online than ever before. We make sure that all visitors to your website have a live person who asks their questions and receives informed, tailored answers. Don't miss the online traffic on your website! We are here to attract all of your potential new customers!

Do you have any questions about Ruby's services?

We are here for you! Call us at 844-311-7829 or send an email to [email protected]

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