31 Atlanta attorneys reward rejection of election fraud lawsuits

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“I haven’t heard enough about the courage and responsibility of the judiciary in handling these 60+ lawsuits,” he said. “Every lawsuit has been dismissed, whether for lack of evidence or lack of reputation. Not a single judge in the country has given oxygen to these lawsuits. “

Various media reports said 63 post-election cases were either lost or withdrawn after being filed on their behalf by Trump, the Republican Party or lawyers. Her only legal win was a November lawsuit in Pennsylvania in which a state judge ruled that a small number of postal ballot papers lacking proof of identity would not be counted. The verdict did nothing to change Biden’s victory in the state.

“The cynical attempts to overturn the court elections and the forcible interruption of the counting of votes (college votes) were attacks on the heart of our democracy,” the joint statement said.

Kirschenbaum added that Americans must trust the judges to uphold the Partisan Agenda Act. Many of the election fraud lawsuits have been put down by Republican-appointed judges, including some Trump-appointed.

“In a way, it’s a sad state of affairs that we have to praise people for their work,” said Kirschenbaum. “But we are in that state in America right now.”

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Here is a list of the 31 former Atlanta Bar Association presidents who signed the joint statement and the year they were president:

• Honorable T. Jackson Bedford Jr., 1994

• John A. Chandler, 1983

• William D. deGolian, 2002

• Richard B. Herzog Jr., 2006

• W. Stell Huie, 1968

• W. Seaborn Jones, 1984

• Seth D. Kirschenbaum, 2001

• S. Wade Malone, 2003

• W. Ray Persons, 2007

• Elizabeth A. Price, 2005

• William M. Ragland Jr., 2004

• Lynn M. Roberson, 2012

• Christopher Glenn Sawyer, 1989

• Jacquelyn H. Saylor, 2014

• David N. Schaeffer, 2009

• Jack Spalding Schroder Jr., 1982

• William H. Schroder Jr., 1978

• Honorable E. Clay Scofield III, 1996

• Rita A. Sheffey, 2011

• Gregory Stuart Smith, 1998

• Shayna M. Steinfeld, 2008

• Paul M. Talmadge Jr., 1987

• Michael B. Terry, 2010

• Margaret H. Vath, 2017

• Ryan K. Walsh, 2019

• W. Terence Walsh, 1991

• Wade H. Watson, III, 2013

• Carolyn S. Weeks, 1990

• Ben L. Weinberg Jr., 1969

• Robert G. Wellon, 1986

• The Honorable Melvin K. Westmoreland, 1988