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It appears that President Joe Biden has not repeatedly “spoken wrongly” as suggested on CNN. Yesterday, Biden not only failed to correct his false claims about the Georgia electoral law, but also doubled over that the law is a “Jim Crow law.” In fact, he has repeatedly said it was worse, “Jim Crow on steroids.” That is why yesterday’s press conference (with only three questions) went from imprecise to incoherent. Biden now says Georgia is a Jim Crow state whose laws are worse than the post-civil war segregationist laws. However, he says that it’s okay to play the Masters in the state (and that CBS is running the Masters) after sponsoring a baseball boycott.

The press has had no apparent bias or (in the case of Fox News) opportunity to ask Biden for a full answer as to why Georgia Law is worse than Jim Crow’s Law. As mentioned earlier, states like Colorado have voter identification regulations and many of the same regulations as Georgia. States like New York and Delaware have some stricter regulations. One would think that in light of Biden’s widely discredited comments on changing voting hours, the media would push Biden for a response. However, this only applies if the media wanted such a response.

Jim Crow’s laws were a “cradle-to-grave system of racial segregation.” The State of African American History: Past, Present, and Future 60 (Darline Clark Hine ed., 1986). These laws included separate textbooks, separate schools, separate seating, separate access, and a wide range of restrictions that African Americans dealt with versus second-class citizens. This certainly included obstacles to voting.

To say the Georgia law is worse than a Jim Crow law is a chilling conclusion from a seated president and worth explaining. President Biden’s two previous examples have been discredited in terms of voting hours and the availability of water for those waiting. In addition, other “blue” states have the same rules, and a large majority of Americans support the Voter Identification Act, including a majority of Democrats.

In Colorado, the regulations are largely the same. The big difference is that Colorado automatically sends out postal ballots when citizens of Georgia (like other states) request the ballot. This can certainly make a difference in voter turnout by postal voters, but it does not seem to justify calling a state a progressive state and a Jim Crow state.

In his press conference, Biden took a different position at the golf tournament than the baseball all-star game. Instead of supporting the boycott on golf, he said it was up to the companies. He explained “[i]It’s comforting to see for-profit corporations and corporations talking about how these new Jim Crow laws are only at odds with our person. “However, he chastised states like Georgia for failing to give in to demands to vote and warned them to“ beautify themselves ”.

The real loss of that protective press cocoon is the opportunity to have a discussion about race and voting. Rather than tossing Jim Crow’s label around repeatedly, Biden could explain why he believes Georgia doesn’t go beyond any reasonable (albeit different) approach when compared to other states like Delaware, New York, or Colorado. In fact, no one seems out to have this media debate. The cover is as flat as a soundbite. Georgia law is now a Jim Crow law by repetition and no explanation in reporting. Given Jim Crow’s dire history, such a claim deserves explanation – not just as a practical slogan or political attack.

An obvious question is why is there a difference between baseball and golf when it comes to boycotts against racism. If Georgia is a Jim Crow state again and a baseball boycott is warranted, why does Biden mulligan the Masters?

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