After Defending Trump, Philadelphia Lawyer Michael van der Veen Seeks Extra Excessive-Profile Circumstances – NBC10 Philadelphia

After Defending Trump, Philadelphia Lawyer Michael van der Veen Seeks More High-Profile Cases – NBC10 Philadelphia

Michael van der Veen was primarily known for handling the plaintiff’s personal injury and criminal defense matters before rising to national notoriety when he represented former President Donald Trump in his second impeachment earlier this month. And after a brief vacation in Maine to recharge his batteries, the Center City attorney is ready to pick up where he left off with little fanfare, reports the Philadelphia Business Journal.

“We were busy when we took the case and we are still busy now,” said van der Veen in an interview on Thursday. “We have seen an increase in new business litigation, but not much else has changed.”

While ensuring Trump’s acquittal clearly plays a huge role in the cap of nine-member attorney van der Veen O’Neill Hartshorn & Levin, the firm will continue to represent its mix of personal injury plaintiffs, defendants and various parties in business disputes.

“The way my practice is divided is exactly how I like it,” said van der Veen. “I find it intellectually stimulating. And we have a slow growth process here and I don’t want that to change either. “

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