Andrew Brown Jr: District attorney to discuss findings of North Carolina SBI’s investigation into shooting in Elizabeth City

Andrew Brown Jr: District attorney to discuss findings of North Carolina SBI's investigation into shooting in Elizabeth City

ELIZABETH CITY, NC (WTVD) – District Attorney for First District Attorney Andrew Womble said Monday he would hold a press conference Tuesday to discuss the results of the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation’s investigation into the fatal shots shot at Andrew Brown Jr. by MPs of Pasquotank County.

The press conference will take place at 11 a.m. in Elizabeth City.

ABC11 will stream the press conference live.

Brown was behind the wheel of his car and outside his home when he was shot dead on April 21 while MPs were serving a drug-related search and arrest warrant.

The police shots, labeled an “execution” by Brown’s family members, have drawn national attention to the small, mostly black town in the rural northeast corner of the state.

Womble previously said Brown “contacted police officers” with his car before they shot him.

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Brown’s family members and family lawyers watched nearly 20 minutes of the body camera footage last week and said it showed a different version of events.

“We could see Mr. Brown sitting in his vehicle – that he was mugged while the sheriff’s office was walking to his apartment,” attorney Chance Lynch said during a press conference after watching the video. “It seems surprised. At all times his hands were visible. At all times he didn’t seem to be a threat.”

In fact, he said Brown was walking in the opposite direction of the MPs.

“What we saw at all times were police officers on the sidewalk unloading their guns,” he said.

Brown’s son Jha’rod Ferebee said he thought the shooting should never have happened.

“My father didn’t deserve to die at all,” said Ferebee. “He didn’t deserve to be killed. In any way he posed no threat at all. Come to court, there is no way to justify this. There is no way.”

Autopsy PC, the company that hired the family to perform an independent autopsy, said Brown was shot four times in the right arm and then once – fatally – in the back of the head.

Governor Roy Cooper has recommended that a special prosecutor handle the case.

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