Antonio Brown Claims Rape Accuser ‘Hiding’ From Depo, Lady’s Lawyer Calls B.S.

Antonio Brown Claims Rape Accuser 'Hiding' From Depo, Woman's Attorney Calls B.S.


The war between Antonio Brown and his rapist continues to rage …

The former NFL All-Pro now claims Britney Taylor hides from a live deposit – and he asks a judge to force her to appear in person at the depo … or, if not, to dismiss the lawsuit.

But Taylor's lawyer tells TMZ Sports … that's all a bunch of B.S. who says, "It's not that she's hiding, it's just that Florida is just a little bit infected [with coronavirus]."

Here's the deal … In new court documents, Brown's lawyers say they're trying to get Taylor to go for a live deposit to question her allegations that Brown has sexually assaulted her on multiple occasions.

In the documents, however, the lawyers say Taylor is only willing to meet with them via Zoom … something they say they DO NOT agree.

"The nature of her allegations," Browns lawyers said in the documents, "coupled with the fact that she has absolutely no confirmation of her claims that Ms. Taylor's live filing is required."

You now want a judge to force Taylor to appear in person – following all proper COVID-19 security guidelines – or to throw the case away.

But when we talked to Taylor’s lawyer, David Haashe told us, the only reason Taylor refuses to show up personally is because of the global pandemic.

Haas says his client is ready to answer questions, but adds, "We're just trying to protect her."

A decision on the judge's request is pending … but Haas says he expects it to be rejected.

As we reported earlier, Taylor – who met Brown while they were visiting Central Michigan – sue the NFL playerAmong other things, he claimed that he violently raped her in 2018.

The 31-year-old AB, for his part, vehemently rejected the allegations … and even filed a counterclaim against Taylor, claiming that she defamed him.