Applications open now for Hillsborough State Attorney’s Community Council

Applications open now for Hillsborough State Attorney's Community Council

You have the option to make changes in your community. Applications are open to the Hillsborough County District Attorney’s Office.

Brian Butler is the CEO of Vistra Communications but has chosen to devote his free time to the Community Council.

“There aren’t many better ways to get involved, shape policy, have a platform and speak to decision-makers who are really responsible for making change in our community,” said Butler.

He said that while he and the Vistra staff participated in The Laundry Project service initiative, he found that for many of those community members, even minor issues with the law could have lifelong implications.

“People who have had these challenges with the law just couldn’t find the jobs they need to take care of families,” Butler said. “Even when you turn your life around, you have really struggled to achieve basic goals.”

Attorney Andrew Warren says it is successful in receiving contributions from people who already have a heart for the service and a direct line to multiple communities.

“To have an effective program, we need to dig deep into how we operate it and how we make it most successful. And this is where this contribution is really valuable to members of the community,” said Warren.

Warren founded the 20-person parish council in 2018. Butler and others served for two years. Then part of the group was inspired to branch out.

“The members wanted to do something more active than just talking, so with our help, they started doing these community projects on their own,” said Warren.

They ran mock trials for schoolchildren and art campaigns on the subject of criminal justice. Now Butler is encouraging others interested in their community to apply.

“This is just a small way to weigh up and make a difference,” Butler said.

Applications are now open and due on May 13th. You can find the criteria you have to meet and the application HERE.