Arizona GOP’s legal professional blasts choose in new authorized filings over election ruling | Native information

Arizona GOP's attorney blasts judge in new legal filings over election ruling | Local news

However, Wilenchik said the law requires audits to be conducted in 2% of the constituencies. However, Maricopa County uses polling centers, so the 2% check was passed.

Hannah ruled that when the lawmakers allowed counties to set up voting centers, the Secretary of State was empowered to authorize exams using this method through the official electoral process manual.

Hannah more than dismissed the case.

Calling it “unfounded,” he invited Secretary of State Katie Hobbs’ private attorney to defend the lawsuit to seek payment of her legal fees.

Hannah said doing so would require him to determine “whether the Republican Party and its attorneys have brought the case maliciously to delay the confirmation of the election or to misrepresent the legitimacy of the election.”

Hobbs’ attorney Roopali Desai did just that and found $ 18,238. Now Wilenchik asks the judge to reject this offer.

“The plaintiff’s lawsuit was based on a thoughtful, reasoned and well-supported position on the law,” he wrote. He said there was no evidence that the party brought the case maliciously.

“The court appears to have concluded that it would be ‘wrong’ – and even harassing – to question the legitimacy of this election, even though it was not an issue in this lawsuit,” wrote Wilenchik. “This brings the court into conflict with about a third of the population and about half of the Republican Party in that state,” he continued, citing various polls.