Arizona Legal professional Normal Joins Multistate Lawsuit In search of to Finish Fb’s Alleged Unlawful Monopoly

Arizona Attorney General Joins Multistate Lawsuit Seeking to End Facebook’s Alleged Illegal Monopoly

WASHINGTON, DC (KVOA) – Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, along with a non-partisan coalition of 48 attorneys general, filed an antitrust lawsuit against Facebook.

“Facebook’s dominant market power has been achieved illegally at the expense of consumer choice, market innovation and consumer privacy,” Brnovich said in a press release. “Our non-partisan coalition of attorneys general is committed to advocating for all consumers and hardworking small businesses who have been harmed along the way.”

The lawsuit alleges that Facebook has and continues to suppress competition to illegally protect its monopoly power.

“The lawsuit alleges that Facebook violated Section 2 of the Sherman Act and Section 7 of the Clayton Act by pirating and illegally acquiring competitors and restricting services to minor threats that deprived users of the benefits of competition and protection Reduced privacy along the way – all to increase the bottom line through increased advertising revenue, “the Arizona Attorney General said in a press release.

The Arizona Attorney General said the lawsuit alleged, among other things, that Facebook was using techniques to stifle competition, such as attracting smaller and potential rivals before they could threaten Facebook’s dominance and suppressing third-party developers who Invited Facebook to use its platform.

“These illegal tactics allow Facebook to maintain its monopoly on the social networking market,” the Arizona Attorney General said in a press release.

The non-partisan coalition of states called on the court to stop Facebook’s “illegal, anti-competitive behavior” and prevent the company from continuing this behavior in the future, and prevent Facebook from making additional acquisitions worth $ 10 without notice USD million or more. They also asked the court to seek the sale or reorganization of illegally acquired companies or other current Facebook assets, as well as additional, reasonable relief.

You can read the full complaint here.