Armenian courtroom overturns determination favoring well being minister with regard to legal professional’s remuneration

Armenian court overturns decision favoring health minister with regard to attorney's remuneration

The Civil Court of Appeal of Armenia has ruled to overturn and change the March 4 verdict favoring Minister of Health Arsen Torosyan with regard to remuneration for an attorney, as stated in the court decision published in the Judicial Information System, according to Armenian

The decision regards the case of head of the “Armenian National Health Council” Coalition Gevorg Grigoryan vs Arsen Torosyan. Back in May 2019, Grigoryan had submitted a statement of claim to the court, asking the latter to oblige Arsen Torosyan to publicly refute the news considered slander live on his Facebook page and apologize for the insult.

On March 4, 2020, Judge Ruben Buniatyan of the first instance court ruled to reject the lawsuit on the ground of applying statute of limitation of the claim and levied AMD 400,000 from Grigoryan in favor of Torosyan as a reasonable amount for remuneration of the attorney. The plaintiff’s attorney had filed an appeal, claiming that the first instance court’s decision was rendered in gross violation of procedural norms. Grigoryan’s attorney had asked the Court of Appeal to overturn the decision and change it, that is, reject the lawsuit and set a smaller amount of the reasonable remuneration for the attorney.

On July 17, the Civil Court of Appeal ruled to uphold the appeal, as well as overturn and change the first instance court’s decision with regard to remuneration of the attorney and particularly ruled to levy AMD 200,000 from Grigoryan in favor of Torosyan as reasonable remuneration for an attorney.