Armonk lawyer Laurieanne DiLitta disbarred as criminal probe proceeds

The Armonk law firm of Laurianne DeLitta, a lawyer accused by four clients of keeping the proceeds from their property sales.

An Armonk real estate attorney who is under criminal investigation into theft of more than $ 4.4 million from customers has been dismissed.

Laurieanne DeLitta was stripped of her legal license by the State Appeals Department of the Second Division on Wednesday after agreeing to reimburse four clients who collectively claimed she stole more than $ 1.4 million.

These customers are separated from three others who sued DeLitta for $ 2 million theft between October and April. In two of these cases, DeLitta is faced with default judgments for either not responding or responding too late to the complaints. A fourth lawsuit pertains to a portion of the money DeLitta agreed to refund.

Neither she nor her lawyer in the lawsuits could be reached for comment. DeLitta, who lives at Briarcliff Manor, has been an attorney since 2001.

Complain: Armonk’s attorney is accused of pocketing clients’ home sales

The lock came seven months after DeLitta filed an affidavit declaring she was ready to resign as an attorney for failing to defend clients’ malpractice claims made against the District 9th District Complaints Committee.

In that November affidavit, she also promised not to accept new customers or to “conduct any transaction activity in an escrow account to which she has access”. That seemed to confirm that she wasn’t going to engage in the same behavior that led to the theft allegations.

However, a new lawsuit alleges that DeLitta withheld $ 495,000 from the sale of a home in the Bronx in late January. The client, 3020 Philip Holding LLC, includes three siblings who sold their mother’s house and claims that DeLitta handled the closure but continued to ignore their demands for the proceeds of the sale.

Mark Goidel, the company’s attorney, had previously sued DeLitta on behalf of another client. He expressed frustration that no criminal complaint had yet been filed. Westchester prosecutors have been aware of the allegations for at least September.

A sixth lawsuit was filed against DeLitta on Thursday. She is charged with paying no more than $ 486,000 from the sale of a Larchmont woman’s condo.

DeLitta’s consent in the context of the complaint process prompts her to repay:

  • $ 500,812 to Ira Cohen
  • $ 600,000 for the Naomi Wundeler estate
  • $ 230,000 to Joseph Vallarell
  • and USD 130,000 to Roberta Ham-Stein. She would either pay them all the money they had lost or whatever was left if the state customer protection advocacy fund made payments to them. She would also have to reimburse the fund for everything it pays the four. Cohen and the Wunderler estate would have to receive money from DeLitta as the maximum award from the Lawyers Fund is $ 400,000.

Wundeler’s son Glen is Goidel’s other customer. He goes on with his lawsuit, seeking the same means DeLitta agreed to use to pay his mother’s estate because a court ruling outweighs the promise of restitution.

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