Athol Each day Information – Lawyer pitches hashish biz at neighborhood outreach assembly in Orange

Athol Daily News - Lawyer pitches cannabis biz at community outreach meeting in Orange

Published: 12/25/2020 8:44:59 PM

Changed: 12/25/2020 8:44:50 PM

ORANGE – The company keen to open a marijuana grow and manufacture business on Quabbin Boulevard didn’t receive an initial setback earlier this week at a required community outreach meeting where the public could hear their voices.

Attorney Blake Mensing represented 3 Quabbin Boulevard at the short 27-minute remote meeting on Monday, and dairy farmer George Hunt Jr. was the only member of the public speaking as a resident.

Mensing of The Mensing Group LLC, which describes itself as “the first and only domestic legal and business advisory firm exclusively dedicated to cannabis in Massachusetts,” said the proposed facility for 3 Quabbin Boulevard would have commercial-quality locks Everything that is done outdoors is fenced off. He also said the state cannabis control commission requires high definition video cameras everywhere but the bathrooms of the facility.

“The reason for this is that you need to be able to freeze every frame of the video footage and identify whoever appears on it,” explained Mensing. “Similarly, the footage must have essentially non-removable watermarks with date and time stamps and information about where the camera might be in the facility.”

He also said that a staff hierarchy dictates who can go where within the marijuana growing and manufacturing business.

“This will not be a public facility. It will be something that you have to have a reason to visit for, and in particular you have to be 21 years or older, ”he said. “So this is not the kind of place where you can knock on the door and say, ‘Hey, I would like to have a tour. ‘ That is not enough. Beyond that, you need something else. ”

In contrast to liquor stores, says Mensing, marijuana companies are not allowed to let children in “no matter what”, even if they are accompanied by a guardian.

“The simple… fact is, like everything, you have to be responsible. Hopefully you keep your alcohol locked up or high where children can’t reach it. I have two children myself and yes, everything is high up – they can’t possibly reach, ”he said. “The same goes for cannabis. You just have to be responsible. You are not allowed to have it until you are 21 or older. ”

According to Mensing, 3 Quabbin Boulevard intends to be “a good corporate citizen in Orange” and give something back to the community through donations or volunteer hours. He said he recommends the New England Veterans Alliance and the Massachusetts Recreational Consumer Council to his customers.

The facility will not be a nuisance under the law, Mensing said. The main potential nuisance complaint concerns odor, and he said this can be addressed with technology – specifically, with a circulation that scrubs air with activated carbon to filter and remove odors.

Dairy farmer George Hunt Jr. of Hunt Farm near Exit 15 stepped in to inquire about the location of the third property on Quabbin Boulevard and was told it runs along the back of Shingle Swamp Brook. Hunt said he also owns some land in the area and hopes the marijuana establishment will thrive.

“I’m fine with that,” he said. “I want it to go on and do well.”