Attorney reacts after 2 Vallejo police officers fired

Attorney reacts after 2 Vallejo police officers fired

VALLEJO, Calif. (KRON) – Vallejo Police Department continues to face challenges after attorney confirms two officers have been fired.

This comes less than a year after the Vallejo Police Department released national news after an officer shot dead Sean Monterrosa, 22.

“This is absolutely an unjustified termination.”

Police are investigating fatal shots in Vallejo

Lawyers confirmed that police lieutenants Herman Robinson and Michael Nichelini were released by police this week.

“They are having trouble with him sharing information they believed to be confidential with a former Vallejo Police Department employee,” said Julia Fox, attorney at law, Lt. Robinson represents.

This former employee is now a peace officer with another agency in the Bay Area.

Fox has Lt. Robinson has represented since the investigation began in the summer of 2020.

He was on administrative leave when he was released, but worked for a few months after the investigation.

Sean Monterrosa case: Police refused to change location during shooting in Vallejo

“He was initially not on administrative leave, he was interviewed at the end of summer 2020. He remained in his full capacity and was only put on administrative leave after the vacation.”

The video shows Lt. Robinson from a story that KRON4 made with him in 2014.

Fox says he’s been with the police for more than 40 years.

Vallejo police were recently in the spotlight after an officer shot dead 22-year-old Monterrosa in June.

Vallejo PD releases a new video about the police murder of Sean Monterrosa

The video from the body camera recorded this recording.

The officers responded to a break-in at a Walgreens.

Lt. Robinson did not respond to this incident.

Robinson appeals the dismissal, he can choose a hearing before a civil servants commission or arbitration.