Attorney’s column criticizing Disney World goes viral

Chief Deputy District Attorney Jonathan VanBoskerck (screengrab/Orlando Sentinel via Twitter)

A guest column written by a Clark County attorney went viral Friday after being published by a Florida newspaper.

In the Orlando Sentinel article titled “Commentary”, Assistant District Attorney Jonathan VanBoskerck wrote that he was reconsidering his commitment to Disney World because of his recent moves toward “political correctness.”

Now social media users across the country refer to him as “Disney Karen”.

VanBoskerck, a self-proclaimed loyal Disney customer for decades, expressed displeasure with some of the recent changes at Disney World, including allowing park employees to be more flexible about their cultures and individualities at work. Other changes have been made to park attractions that have been criticized as racist, such as Splash Mountain and the Jungle Cruise.

“The next time I go Jungle Cruise, I won’t think about the wonderfully entertaining puns the skippers have to play,” he wrote. “I’m going to think about Disney’s political agenda. This is a mood killer. “

VanBoskerck described himself in the column as a Christian and a Conservative Republican. In particular, he was involved in a 2018 state appeal against a Las Vegas judge’s decision that essentially halted the execution of convicted murderer Scott Dozier before his planned death.

A message left in VanBoskerck’s office was not returned on Friday afternoon.

Thousands of messages have also been left on social media.

I still believe that people who complain about “politics in entertainment” have nothing against politics. They only care about politics that they disagree with in the conversation. You don’t want neutrality. You want validation. A human need to be sure, but not how the argument is framed.

– Hilluminati (@bryanedwardhill) April 23, 2021

Rando: “If Disney World doesn’t dial back vigilance, people like me will stop leaving.”

I don’t have to wait in line for hours:

– DR. NerdLove (@DrNerdLove) April 23, 2021

US Representative Val Demings, a Democrat from Orlando, also posted on Twitter.

I have the privilege of having Disney World along with other world class attractions in my district.

I take pride in representing a community that is welcoming, tolerant, and constantly evolving to deliver the best experience possible

– Rep. Val Demings (@RepValDemings) April 23, 2021

Some users took his side.

Interesting, well-written article from a Disney client.

– Johnson Saltimbocca (@RodSaltimbocca) April 23, 2021

VanBoskerck ended his column with closing words on Disney and social media.

“Disney, please return to Walt’s values ​​and vision. The customer experience should be the core of your business model, ”he wrote. “Immersion shouldn’t be sacrificed on the altar of political correctness and appeasing the Twitter mob.”

The column that appeared online under the heading “I love Disney World, but wakefulness ruins the experience” identified VanBoskerck as a resident of North Las Vegas and made no mention of his employer.

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