Attorneys Discuss Gestational Surrogacy Options in New York – Gay City News

Attorneys Discuss Gestational Surrogacy Options in New York – Gay City News

Amy Demma (top left) and Elizabeth Swire Falker (top right) had an informative discussion on assisted family education.


Attorneys Amelia Demma and Elizabeth Swire Falker attended a webinar with Gay City News on March 31st to update New Yorkers about the state’s new paid surrogacy law, which went into effect earlier this year, and other details for supported family education.

The free webinar outlined many of the steps required for all parties involved in pregnancy surrogacy. This is the case when a surrogate mother carries a baby who has no biological relationship with her.

Demma and Falker, who said they have been pushing for surrogacy rights in New York State since 2013, also discussed factors such as costs, health insurance requirements, legal needs, and more. They also explained the surrogacy ordinance of the legislation, which has been hailed as a distinctive element of the law compared to other states.

Demma also indicated future advocacy efforts aimed at expanding surrogacy rights to the federal level. A virtual advocacy day to support family education is scheduled for June 17th.

The New York State Legislation, officially known as the Child-Parent Security Act, was introduced into state legislation by Amy Paulin of Westchester and Manhattan gay Senator Brad Hoylman, who had two children through gestational surrogacy in a country passed into law in another state prior to the billing in New York. The law was passed last year but didn’t come into force until February 15th.

The webinar was sponsored by the law firms of Amy Demma and the law firm of Elizabeth Swire Falker, Esq., PLLC.

Check out the full webinar below.

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