Attorneys for former Rep. Chris Collins request his jail sentence be modified to supervised launch as a result of COVID-19

Attorneys for former Rep. Chris Collins request his prison sentence be changed to supervised release due to COVID-19

(WIVB) – Former MP Chris Collins' attorneys are calling for his sentence to be changed to a supervised release with prison sentence over concerns about COVID-19 in prisons.

They are also demanding that his reporting date for his conviction be postponed to December 8th. He is currently scheduled to report to prison on October 13th.

Former MP Chris Collins, however, once asked a judge to postpone the beginning of his sentence until December 8th. The start is currently planned for October 13th. This time he also asks the judge to consider changing his sentence.

– Chris Horvatits (@ ChrisHorvatits4) October 2, 2020

In January, Collins was sentenced to 26 months in federal prison in Pensacola, Florida, on his guilty pleading guilty of insider trading fees.

Collins attorneys stated in their inquiry to the court that Collins is at high risk of life-threatening consequences if he catches COVID-19.

“Prisons remain a particularly dangerous place for people at high risk of death
COVID-19 infection ”, it says in their statement. "At the time of Mr. Collins' conviction in January, the pandemic was unforeseen. The changed circumstances were quick and catastrophic."

The US Attorney's Office in NYC had no comment on Thursday night.