Attorneys for Household of Dijon Kizzee, Black Man Fatally Shot by Deputies, to File $35 Million Declare In opposition to LA County – NBC Los Angeles

Attorneys for Family of Dijon Kizzee, Black Man Fatally Shot by Deputies, to File $35 Million Claim Against LA County – NBC Los Angeles

What to know

  • Dijon Kizzee, 29, was shot dead on August 31 by two sheriff deputies in the unincorporated Westmont community, near south Los Angeles.
  • He was stopped initially because he was driving on the wrong side of East 110th Street.
  • The sheriff’s department claims Kizzee dropped a gun while confronting MPs, then picked it up during the confrontation and raised it on MPs.

Attorneys for the family of a 29-year-old black man who was fatally shot and killed by Los Angeles County Sheriff’s MPs in August after stopping him on the wrong side of the street for riding a bicycle said they would file a lawsuit against Los Angeles County.

Dijon Kizzee’s family lawyers, including national civil rights attorney Ben Crump, are calling for $ 35 million. That figure includes $ 25 million for serious and significant damage sustained by Kizzee’s father, Edwin Kizzee, and $ 10 million for economic and injury costs for his property resulting from the willful and / or negligent infliction of Damage to Mr Kizzee surrendered up to the point when he took his last breath, according to the attorneys’ records.

The lawyers held a press conference on Thursday afternoon.

Los Angeles District Sheriff officials reveal more about what they believe forced MPs to fatally shoot Dijon Kizzee last month. Beverly White will report for NBC4 News on Thursday, September 17, 2020.

“This is a virus that plagues our communities,” said national civil rights attorney Ben Crump. “We have to find a vaccine against this virus.” That being said, it will be just as productive in 2021 as it will be in 2020. That’s why we filed this $ 35 million lawsuit to send a message from the mountaintop that we are not letting the people we pay taxes go on will keep killing our children. ”

The allegation alleges that the county did not properly train the MPs involved and that Kizzee “did nothing to justify this use of serious and unreasonable violence against him,” among other things.

A claim is a legally required precursor to a lawsuit against a government.

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Kizzee was shot dead by two sheriff deputies in the unincorporated community of Westmont near South Los Angeles on August 31, where they initially prevented him from cycling on the wrong side of East 110th Street. MPs said Kizzee refused to stop and escaped on his bicycle while carrying a gun wrapped in a piece of clothing. Shortly thereafter, he was confronted by MPs in 109th place where they were attempting to arrest him, the sheriff’s department said.

The department claims that Kizzee dropped a gun during the confrontation with MPs, then picked it up and pointed it at them during the physical confrontation, causing them to open fire on him 19 times.

A family autopsy shows Kizzee was shot 19 times by MPs, the family lawyer says. Kim Tobin reported on NBC4 News on Tuesday, September 22, 2020.

Kizzee’s lawyers denounced the department’s version of events, insisting that Kizzee was shot with his hands in the air and then shot repeatedly while on the ground.

In September, attorney Carl Douglas said an independent autopsy revealed that Kizzee had been shot 15 times and that he did not die immediately but “writhed in pain on the floor when officers opened up”.

The shooting of Kizzee sparked a series of protests outside the Sheriff’s Station in South Los Angeles.