Attorneys For Two Males Accused Of Assaulting Baltimore Police Sergeant Say New Video Reveals Totally different Facet To The Story – CBS Baltimore

Attorneys For Two Men Accused Of Assaulting Baltimore Police Sergeant Say New Video Shows Different Side To The Story – CBS Baltimore

BALTIMORE (WJZ) – A viral video of a suspected attack on a Baltimore police sergeant in January is eligible.

Lawyers for the two men charged with assaulting the official say a new video tells a different story about what happened that night.

The accused's lawyers say the new video released contradicts what was written in the original police report.

They are now asking the public prosecutor to drop the charges against their clients and to apologize publicly.

A video of people appearing to be kicking a Baltimore police sergeant along Pennsylvania Avenue in West Baltimore appeared in January and was quickly criticized by Governor Larry Hogan and Police Commissioner Michael Harrison.

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"It's about lawlessness and the boldness of the perpetrator who doesn't respect the law and doesn't respect authority," said Harrison in January.

Days later, 23-year-old Zayne Abdullah and 20-year-old Donnell Burgess were arrested along with a 17-year-old boy.

However, the accused men's lawyers say that new footage of police cameras and cell phone videos they received show a completely different side of this story.

Lawyers say Sergeant Simpson "instigated," "provoked" and "escalated" the situation.

"Spit on my face and shove myself and I pushed him back and the fight was on." This is how Simpson described the argument.

But in the new video you can hear the sergeant say, "Go ahead, I've got enough for everyone." Then it seems to show Simpson pushing Abdullah.

A viewer video then captures what happened moments later.

Simpson and Abdullah fight on the ground while Abdullah shouts: "I cannot breathe."

During this time, Burgess's lawyer said her client was trying to pull his friend away from the sergeant.

Abdullah and Burgess's lawyers say the prosecutor has to dismiss the case and both men deserve an apology.

WJZ has contacted the prosecutor, but has not yet received an answer.

WJZ has also contacted the Baltimore police. You are telling us that you have received this new video and that it has been submitted to the Public Integrity Bureau for further review.