Attorneys: House of household for Casey Goodson Jr. shot on New Yr’s Eve

Attorneys: Home of family for Casey Goodson Jr. shot on New Year's Eve

Family lawyers said the bullet hit the house near the front door.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Casey Goodson Jr.’s family home was shot dead when they returned home from church on New Year’s Eve, according to family lawyers.

Goodson was shot dead on December 4th by Jason Meade, MP for Franklin County.

Family lawyers said the bullet fired on the house on December 31 almost hit one of Tamala Payne’s sons.

Payne is Goodson’s mother.

“Whatever their intent, I want everyone to know that as we seek justice for Casey, we are not afraid and we are not deterred,” Payne said in a statement from attorneys referring to the one who had shot her house.

A spokesman for the Columbus Department of Public Safety says an investigation is ongoing to see if this was a targeted or random incident.

Columbus received 13 other reports of shots fired into occupied buildings on New Year’s Eve.

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The Columbus Police, FBI, and US Attorneys are investigating Goodson’s death.

Meade had just completed an operation with the U.S. Marshals’ Fugitive Task Force on Dec. 4 when he reported seeing a man with a gun, according to Columbus police.

Columbus police said Meade was investigating when there were “reports of verbal exchanges” and Meade fired at Goodson.

Goodson’s family said Goodson was shot while walking into his house with food.

In a Dec. 10 statement, Meade’s attorney, Mark Collins, wrote: “At no point did Deputy Meade mistake a sandwich for a gun. Mr. Goodson pointed his gun at Deputy Meade. ”

Police are expected to submit a preliminary case to the Franklin County Attorney’s Office within 90 days of the shooting.