Attorneys make their case towards two males accused of fatally capturing an Erie man in 2020

Attorneys make their case against two men accused of fatally shooting an Erie man in 2020

Lawyers began cracking down on two men accused of fatally shooting an Erie man in 2020.

The incident occurred near Southgate Drive and Usonia Avenue.

After the trial, we went live from the Erie County Court House for more information on today’s opening speeches.

Jakwaris Robinson and Marshawn Williams appeared in court for allegedly shooting and escaping the scene after killing 26-year-old Devin Way.

Both sides expressed the importance that every detail of the process matters.

Opening statements have been made for two men charged with second degree murder.

Two 24-year-old Marshawn Williams and Jakwaris Robinson are accused of fatally shooting 26-year-old Devin Way.

The incident occurred on January 19, 2020 on Southgate Drive and Usonia Avenue.

“Devin Way was pushed face down on the show in a blizzard that day. They killed him over two ounces of marijuana. The investigation will reveal two men escaping on foot and two more in cars, “said Jeremy Lightner, assistant district attorney for Erie County.

Prosecutors believe the incident started with a marijuana deal in a car.

They will try to convince the jury that Way was shot four times in his stomach in a vehicle.

Robinson and Williams fled the scene on foot, while Melissa Seaman and Michael Toles stayed in the car. Both are still waiting for the trial.

The Marshawn Williams defender said Michael Toles also played a major role in the shootout.

“Did you run away from the police? Damn it, but Michael Toles is reckless behavior. His story is omnipresent, ”said Mark Del Duce, Defense attorney for Marshawn Williams.

Another defense attorney asked juries to pay attention to small details that emerge from a verdict.

“Evidence will show Jakwaris is not guilty. They want you to believe that this is the truth of the gospel. That is not everything. That’s why we’re here. Pay attention to certain details, ”said Jakwaris defender Eric Hackwelder.

The first person to take a stand, Devin Way’s first cousin Josh. He ran into the street to try to save Devin after Way was shot.

Melissa Seaman and Michael Toles are due to testify on Thursday.