Attorneys picked to supervise Shreveport Environmental Court docket

Attorneys picked to oversee Shreveport Environmental Court


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The Shreveport City Environmental Court is expected to start work next month.

"Our goal is to start the first or second week of August," said Shreveport City Council, Grayson Boucher, on Thursday afternoon. "The Mayor (Mayor of Shreveport, Adrian Perkins) recommended Shanerika Flemings (Chief of Staff of Shreveport City) as the mayor's hearing officer, and Danielle Farr Ewing, deputy clerk of the Shreveport City Council, will act as the hearing officer of the council."

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Grayson Boucher, Shreveport City Council (Photo: Henrietta Wildsmith / The Times)

Both women are lawyers who currently work for the city, so the city does not incur any additional costs for monitoring the environmental court because they are already on the city's payroll. According to Boucher, the work of the environmental court will be part of her work for the city.

The establishment of the Environmental Court is the opportunity for the Real Estate Standards Department and the Real Estate Standards Committee to deal more effectively with issues that are responsible for some unsightly scenes and neglect issues in communities across Shreveport. The environmental court is also trying to decriminalize the process.

The court is specifically designed to hear cases and bring to justice those who commit major pollution offenses and violate city codes, and to speed up cases instead of stopping and waiting for a court hearing to deal with violations.

The Shreveport citation process is time-consuming and can take six months or more from the first citation to a decision by the Shreveport City Court.

The court will deal with issues such as unmanaged real estate, garbage, burned-out buildings that are still standing, and other property standard issues that the environmental court will optimize after it goes into operation.

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