Attorneys: Plea deal within the works for man charged with murdering mom, hiding physique | Cops and Courts

Attorneys: Plea deal in the works for man charged with murdering mother, hiding body | Cops and Courts

According to lawyers for the case, a plea is in the works for a Troy man accused of killing his mother and hiding her body in a closet.

During a February 23 pre-trial hearing on Zoom before Judge Rae Lee Chabot, Oakland County Circuit Court, Defense Attorney Michael McCarthy said he had spoken to prosecutor Ricardo Polanco about his client, Uriah Lee Scott, stepping out of and accepting a trial Plea.

“Mr. Scott is very interested in finding a solution,” said McCarthy, and that an offer is expected “in the relatively near future”.

Polanco confirmed that a resolution has been “tendered” and is “under investigation”.

Scott, 44, is charged with the open murder of Cynthia Scott, 61, whose body was found in her apartment at the Troy Villa RV park on March 20, 2019. She died of a blunt violent trauma to her head and chest. according to the Oakland County Medical Examiner.

Cynthia Scott’s other son, Albert Perez, testified during a preliminary examination about three months after the murder, describing the relationship between his brother and mother as “strained, turbulent, dysfunctional,” according to court records.

Scott underwent a competency assessment at the State Center for Forensic Psychiatry in 2019. At first it was found that he is incompetent. However, this has been changed due to the prescribed medication he is on in Oakland County Jail, McCarthy said, adding that the competency is expected to be maintained this way.

Scott’s next appearance in court is scheduled for April 27th.


White Lake Police confirmed the identity of a body retrieved Tuesday from an ice-covered pond on a residential lot as Terry’s.

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