Attorneys react to NTSB report on Schoharie crash

Attorneys react to NTSB report on Schoharie crash

NewsChannel 13 spoke with attorneys representing Nauman Hussain and families of the victims after the National Transportation Safety Board released their report on the Schoharie limo crash on Tuesday.

Attorneys involved in the civil case said victim’s families were initially saddened, but then became very angry after hearing about the numerous opportunities state agencies had to get this vehicle taken off the road.

“If every or even somebody along the way had done their job is never would’ve happened,” attorney Cynthia LaFave said.

LaFave is one of the attorneys representing the families of victims.

She said the report clearly shows the New York State Department of Transportation and Department Motor Vehicles repeatedly failed to take the 2001 Ford Excursion stretch limo off the road before the October 2018 crash.

“What they’re going to do is say, ‘Yeah but after it happened we did something,” attorney David Iverson said. “After it happened and we passed all these things, after it happened we’ve been better, but the whole report is about the accident and before and before they did nothing.”

Spokespeople for DOT and DMV released this joint statement in response: