Attorneys say case is ‘weak’ towards Jacob Blake in Kenosha County | Native Information

Attorneys say case is 'weak' against Jacob Blake in Kenosha County | Local News

“The state lacks physical evidence to support the sexual assault allegation, there are no witnesses to support the allegations, the applicant refused to cooperate with attempts by law enforcement agencies to collect physical evidence, and the applicant provided various false statements about her to law enforcement agencies Allegations of what allegedly happened, ”wrote Cafferty.

In the May 3 incident, the woman called police and said her ex-boyfriend broke into her home, took her vehicle, keys and a debit card, and then escaped. She told police that someone had used her debit card to withdraw fraudulent ATMs. While speaking to officers, she said Blake had sexually touched her without her consent, too.

During the first meeting with the police, the woman refused to go to the hospital for a sexual assault investigation. She said she had been through enough and was humiliated and upset.

The next day, the woman said her vehicle had been returned and she later said she found her debit card in the vehicle. Police were unable to find video evidence of the card that was used for ATM withdrawals.

A police report on the investigation said the woman did not return the investigator’s calls.

“I believe that she does not want to participate in this case because several voicemails were left with no response,” the report said.