Authorized legal responsibility protect for COVID-19 instances will deny victims justice, lawyer asserts

Legal liability shield for COVID-19 cases will deny victims justice, lawyer asserts

FREDERICK, Md. (WDVM) — Congress and a number of states are contemplating legal protections for hospitals and nursing homes against lawsuits for damages — even deaths – sustained while under care for the coronavirus.

The legal immunity can even extend to employers who do not take precautions to keep the workplace safe. But Maryland-based lawyer Tom Summers, with the firm Ingerman & Horwitz, says it is unfair to create such an escape hatch to evade legal consequences when victims are rightfully entitled to damages

“There are reports of investigations at nursing homes indicating that proper precautions were not being taken to protect employees, patients and visitors,” says Summers, “due to understaffing, lack of equipment or just general negligence.”

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan is among those favoring the COVID-19 immunity protections for health care facilities.