Automate Your Consumer Expertise and Workflow with Actionstep

Automate Your Client Experience and Workflow with Actionstep

As a customer-centric company, many lawyers only earn on the basis of billable hours. Your day-to-day work as a lawyer may include speaking with clients, taking on clients, billing, collecting, practice management, and maybe, maybe the time in your day researching and writing that assignment. Unfortunately, these non-billable administrative tasks are often the ones that take up the most of your time. Workflow automation and Actionstep can help here.


From customer onboarding and scheduling to document creation and billing, there are many ways to keep your business going with automation so you can serve your customers and attract new customers more efficiently. Workflow automation eliminates the space for human error related to duplicate data entry, improves the customer experience, improves communication and transparency between you, your employees and your customers, and helps you grow your business without breaking the bank.

Actionstep’s workflow automation covers all functions including CRM, matter management, document creation and management, time and invoicing, trust and office accounting, reporting and much more. You can create bespoke workflows to automate data collection and entry, assign tasks, and make sure everything is checked before moving on to the next step. This gives everyone in your company a roadmap that will make sure everything goes according to plan.

Take customer intake as an example. A typical workflow for this could be for a prospect to contact your law firm on your website, someone to contact the prospect, schedule an initial consultation, meet that client, and then create a fee agreement.

With Actionstep, you can automate your customer intake process by using a web form that will automatically populate a database of customer information, instantly create a personalized email and send it to the prospect once the form is filled out, and generate a task for someone who the potential contacts customers, and even generate a fee agreement after the consultation. All you have to do is meet with the customer.

With workflow automation, you have control over how things are done without having to control every little detail and you can work more efficiently without compromising. By defining your workflow, from customer admission to file closing, you can turn much of this administrative work into an automated process, leaving you free space in your day to focus on higher value customer and operational activities.

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Last updated December 9, 2020.