AZ Sheriffs and County Attorneys urge Gov. Ducey to amend HB2810

AZ Sheriffs and County Attorneys urge Gov. Ducey to amend HB2810

Legislators believe that the house bill will make it easier for the cartels to make a profit

YUMA, Arizona (KYMA, KECY) – On Friday March 19, twenty Arizona sheriffs and county attorneys respectfully petitioned for HB2810 to be amended to remove the need for a criminal conviction on money transfers and the need for a conviction based only on reality to restrict property.

“We, the undersigned Arizona State Sheriffs and County Attorneys, write respectfully to express our serious concern about the impact of HB2810, the loss of civilian property, on our security on the southern border. A major contributor to border instability is the Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations (DTOs), “the letter began.

Her request was specifically addressed to Governor Doug Ducey and members of the Arizona State Legislature.

In their experience, “… HB2810 removes from law enforcement an essential civil means of isolating the DTOs from the profits of their trade – the south-flowing currency. This in turn will increase the smuggling opportunities for DTOs and exacerbate the border crisis. Arizona is a important smuggling corridor and distribution hub for the Mexican DTOs, which supply the US drug market and return US currencies and weapons to Mexico. “

The Arizona-Mexico border has increasingly become a major hub for tons of fentanyl, methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, and marijuana entering the United States from Mexico. According to the Arizona HIDTA Threat Assessment 2020, DTOs based in Mexico are in direct contact with DTOs in Arizona to coordinate the transportation of drugs across the southwest border and subsequent distribution to the rest of America.

“Federal, state and local law enforcement agencies are seeing dramatic increases in the amount of fentanyl, a deadly drug that has been seized in Arizona,” the authors said. “No fentanyl seizures were recorded prior to 2016. Since 2016, fentanyl seizures in Arizona increased by 3,541%; fentanyl seizures in Arizona ports of entry increased by 2,611%. Seizures from counterfeit pills containing fentanyl in Arizona grew 13,140% from FY 2016 to FY 2009. “

DTOs in Mexico and Arizona use different methods of transportation to defeat the defenses on the southwest border; B. tractor units and vehicles that are equipped with deeply hidden compartments. stolen vehicles; Off-road vehicles; underground tunnels; Microlight aircraft; and Boy Scouts and Observers who assist backpackers in hiking the desert and vehicles in traveling in the desert.

Officials believe: “The requirement of a criminal conviction on the owner of the property at HB2810 is a virtually impossible obstacle to overcome. These sophisticated operations depend on a network of ‘mules’ carrying vehicles down the highways with hidden narcotics, weapons or weapons drive from Arizona. ” Currency, thereby isolating the DTOs from the underlying criminal behavior. “

In the final quarter of 2020, the Southwest Border region saw a 300% increase in firearm seizures and a total of $ 14,208,090 in seizures of illegal currency. Arizona’s share of illegal currency seizures was $ 2,692,427. From FY2018 through FY2019, the illegal bulk currency seized in Arizona rose 101% from $ 10,163,442 to $ 20,512,956. DTOs are increasingly using money services companies to send money from Arizona to drug source cities in California and Mexico. Specific climbs are Flagstaff along I-40 and Yuma along I-8.

“While we respect the efforts of the legislature to protect American citizens from overreaching by the government and to ensure due process, HB2810 does far more than that,” criticized the letter writers. “As you can see, as written, HB 2810 provides a free pass to multinational billionaire smuggling organizations to prosecute American citizens by simply keeping the money away from the crime. HB2810, as written, is a tremendous win for the smuggling organizations that limit the.” Law enforcement’s ability to prevent criminals from getting their ultimate price, their money, drops dramatically. Simply put, criminals are smarter than that. “

It appears that only the loss of civilian assets (the process of law enforcement officers extracting assets from individuals suspected of being involved in crime or illegal activity without necessarily accusing the owners of wrongdoing) imparts the financial strength of DTOs The rapid mobilization of legal instruments can effectively attack the lifeblood of the industry and deplete it. The requirement of a criminal conviction of HB2810 against the owner of the property removes this effective strategy, encourages the DTOs, weakens politics and exacerbates the border crisis.