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The woman lay motionless on the floor of her hotel room, employees assured her daughter every day that she was "fine".

Lloyd Bell of Bell Law Firm upholds DeKalb County liability lawsuit against Residence Inn by Marriott and other defendants. The lawsuit arises from the willful acts of the defendants in the death of Joanne Friis Burson, who died on October 4, 2018. The lawsuit states that Joanne Burson died after days of negligence and deception by the management and staff of the Residence Inn on 2200 Lake Boulevard in Atlanta, Buckhead.

Joanne Friis Burson was a resident of the Residence Inn for months. During the one-week period between September 25 and October 2, 2018, daughter Natalie Burson repeatedly asked the staff at the Residence Inn, after unexpectedly not hearing from her mother, to initiate a wellness check for her mother's safety. The lawsuit states that each time the staff consented and falsely pledged Natalie Burson for her mother's well-being.

The lawsuit alleges that the Residence Inn refused to allow Natalie Burson to personally see her mother. Finally, Natalie threatened to call the Residence Inn staff if she didn't speak to her mother right away. The suit states that shortly after receiving this warning, Natalie received a phone call stating that her mother had suffered a fall and was being rushed to the hospital.

The suit says that doctors in the hospital found a hip wound that was so deep and old that it was covered in maggots. The suit states that, according to a doctor, Joanne Burson must have been lying on the floor of the Residence Inn for days.

On October 4, 2018, Joanne died of her injuries. The lawsuit states that Natalie Burson was later contacted by the Residence Inn's insurance company, who offered to pay Natalie to avoid legal action. The lawsuit says Natalie asked to read the incident report to find out what exactly happened to her mother. According to the lawsuit, the insurance company told Natalie that she would never see the incident report.

Today, two years later, Natalie filed a lawsuit to uncover the truth and hold those who falsely pledged Joanne's safety while preventing her daughter from personally verifying her to account.

"Joanne Burson's ordeal at the Residence Inn was a real nightmare," explains Lloyd Bell. “Natalie kept calling to make sure her mother was safe. The Residence Inn Natalie kept giving false assurances – while Joanne lay injured on the floor of the Residence Inn and bugs ate meat on her hip. We hope that through legal action we can bring the truth to light, create accountability for wrongdoing, and prevent such nightmares from happening to others. And in this way to bring Joanne's family forward, knowing that the dignity and worth of Joanne's life have been confirmed. "

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