Bexar County residents are being focused in Paypal rip-off, District Lawyer says

Bexar County residents are being targeted in Paypal scam, District Attorney says

SAN ANTONIO – Bexar District Attorney Joe Gonzales announced Wednesday that local residents had been attacked in a PayPal scam.

Fraudsters are calling Bexar County residents claiming that they have been issued an arrest warrant and that they must send a payment via PayPal immediately, Gonzales said.

The Bexar District Public Prosecutor’s Office has drawn attention to the fact that scammers are calling Bexar District residents claiming that an arrest warrant has been issued against them and they must immediately send a payment via PayPal.

– Bexar District Attorney Joe Gonzales (@BexarCountyDA) February 3, 2021

According to Gonzales, the calls are fake, although the callers may sound convincing.

“Bexar District Prosecutor’s Office will never require payment over the phone or through a third-party payment system,” Gonzales said on Twitter.

If you have any questions or if someone has contacted you about an active warrant, late payments, or neglect of the jury’s duty, please call the prosecutor at 210-335-2311.

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