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We had the latest news on Thursday evening: Joe Biden is proud of his son Hunter. Following a pre-election blackout of the Hunter-Biden scandal, it often appears that the media is struggling to create the appearance of reporting without actually asking questions that could be detrimental to the president-elect.

This view of many was reiterated in the first interview with Biden about his son since the November election. It was directed by Stephen Colbert of CBS, host of “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”. Biden has refused to answer questions about the growing scandal surrounding his son’s China ties, so it was a big deal. The president-elect’s team, however, had the all-important question asked by a comedian on a late night show.

CBS is full of extremely talented reporters pedestrians watching this scraping interview.

Something was not quite right about what happened Thursday evening. It was like the New York Met’s starting pitcher, Jacob DeGrom, and the Cleveland Indian, Shane Bieber, watched from the dugout as Dr. Anthony Fauci takes the hill as a starter for a season opener. The only difference is that this is clearly designed to both open up and get closer to the media.

I’ve never had a reporter on a private question as to whether this was an influential program or the Biden family’s story of using public office to enrich themselves. Indeed, it was once an open joke.

When Joe Biden pushed for his completely unqualified son Hunter to join the Amtrak board of directors, the only justification that Delaware Democratic Senator Tom Carper could bring on the committee was that Hunter Biden qualified because “Hunter Biden spent a lot of time on it has Amtrak trains. “It was like being called to a top board in the Food and Drug Administration because he“ eats a lot ”.

The Colbert interview was a complete embarrassment. Colbert brought up the scandal gently and immediately phrased it in relation to Republicans who wanted to use it against Joe Biden.

PRESIDENT-ELECT JOE BIDEN: We have great confidence in our son.


JOE BIDEN: I’m not concerned about any allegations made against him. It is used to reaching me. I think it’s kind of foul, but look, it is what it is. And he’s a grown man. He’s the smartest man I know. I mean in a purely intellectual capacity. And as long as it is good, we are good.

STEPHEN COLBERT: As a father, I understand that and – and – and – I – I admire that. But I mean, in terms of your work as president, you can get down the aisle to people who use this as an attack on you, if it is is it such a personal attack because it involves the family?

Joe Biden: But if it benefits the country, yes. I’m serious.

Later on, the president-elect’s team tried to use the reference to “foul play” to say that Biden was referring to a long history of political attack.

However, so was Trump when he attacked the Russian collusion investigation as part of a campaign against him.

To do justice to Trump, these collusion allegations collapsed at the start of the investigation, and now all of the Justice Department leaders, from James Comey to Sally Yates to Rosenstein, say they would not have approved the surveillance of Carter Page if they had known then what they know today is the flawed basis for the investigation.

There is comparatively much more evidence for the investigation of Hunter Biden.

Additionally, Biden was clearly referring to that investigation when he said, “I think it’s some kind of foul play. . . It is what it is.”

This follows Biden’s repeated assertion that his son “did nothing wrong,” an assertion that I and others have long questioned.

Even if you believe Hunter cannot be charged with a crime, the criminal code isn’t the only measure of wrongdoing. This was a raw influence on a global scale. It was wrong in itself.

What was most embarrassing about the Colbert interview is how carefully avoiding specific or content-related questions. It was the ultimate “Besides that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?” Interview.

Colbert formulated the investigation strictly politically and how it affects Biden as a father and a candidate. Furthermore, this is not just about Hunter Biden. It is also about President-elect Biden and whether he lied about his knowledge of the business and whether he knew about a system of influence using his position. Either witnesses like Hunter Biden’s former business partner Tony Bobulinski or Joe Biden are lying.

Bobulinski submitted his allegations to the FBI under threat of prosecution. Biden never said a word about Bobulinski.

On Thursday, there wasn’t a single question from Colbert how emails and witnesses, if true, would show that Biden knowingly and repeatedly lied. To date, he has denied any knowledge of the son’s business relationships.

Hunter Biden himself contradicted his father on this point, but that wasn’t enough to ask Joe Biden about his previous rejections.

Similarly, Bobulinski (who praises Hunter Biden in emails about SinoHawk Holdings) disagrees with Joe Biden in detailed reports for her discussions of the deals. Not a single question.

The email exchange repeatedly references Joe Biden while telling people not to use his name in writing. Not a single question.

Joe Biden and Jill Biden were listed as office mates with one of the Chinese characters who needed their own keys to the office. No question.

Hunter Biden is featured in emails talking about loans and doing business with the entire “Biden family”. Not a single question.

Instead, the latest news from Thursday’s interview is that Biden is proud of his son Hunter.

Now that I think about it, choosing a late night comedian for this interview was the perfect choice.

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