Bobby Ferguson’s attorney speaks about what’s next for his client

Bobby Ferguson's attorney speaks about what's next for his client

(WXYZ) – Bobby Ferguson is out of jail and at home with his family after his sentence was suddenly abandoned on Thursday. Ferguson, along with his friend, former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, was convicted of bribery and extortion in the city hall’s corruption investigation.

After serving just 8 years of his 21-year prison sentence, Ferguson was released prematurely like his friend, Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

“Obviously he is in a good mood and very happy to be with his wife and children,” said attorney Michael Rataj.

Ferguson’s ex-wife divorced him in prison. The 52-year-old has since married LaCresha Ware, who previously worked for Ferguson.

Rataj was one of three attorneys who defended Ferguson during the six-month corruption trial in 2013 that saw the former city entrepreneur behind bars.

“He has 5 grandchildren who have been born since his imprisonment. So it will take the next few weeks to decompress, ”said Rataj.

Ferguson’s legal team argued that President Trump’s commutation of Kilpatrick’s 28-year sentence resulted in inequality in sentencing, as Ferguson was never to serve as the convicted leader of the City Hall corruption case for so many years. “

“Ferguson’s sentence was extraordinarily long for the crimes committed relative to the average sentence for those crimes,” said Rataj.

Federal prosecutors had argued that both Kilpatrick and Ferguson should remain jailed for stealing from taxpayers. But Judge Nancy Edmonds agreed to grant Ferguson a compassionate release due to his health problems and Kilpatrick’s commutation.

“She understood our arguments and ignored and ignored the toxic and vitriolic arguments put forward by the government. That’s why we were grateful to her for that, ”said Rataj.

Despite being a free man now, the 52-year-old is still on the hook to repay $ 6.2 million to the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department. R.

Ataj said the government has confiscated all equipment from Ferguson’s previous business so it is not yet clear what he will do to make money and he has no timeframe for how long it will take Ferguson to make the refund.

“He’s lost his livelihood, he’s lost everything. I mean you go to jail, you lose everything. You have to start over. And that’s not something you only find out within the first 24 hours of posting, ”said Rataj.

The 7 investigators turned to the US Attorney’s Office. You are not making any statements regarding the release of Bobby Ferguson.

Former U.S. attorney Matthew Schneider, however, had a lot to say about Ferguson’s release from prison:

President Trump’s unjustified conversion of Kilpatrick’s verdict set the ball rolling for that early release. Just like Kwame Kilpatrick, Ferguson is a non-apologetic criminal and he should remain in jail for his horrific crimes against the people of Detroit.