Border closure blamed for rescheduling of American lawyer’s gun smuggling trial in Penticton courtroom – Penticton Information

Border closure blamed for rescheduling of American lawyer's gun smuggling trial in Penticton court - Penticton News

Arms smuggling process pushed

Photo: Google Maps

Osoyoos / Oroville border crossing.

An American lawyer accused of attempting to smuggle two firearms into Canada via Osoyoos has been granted a delay in his trial due to ongoing border restrictions between Canada and the United States.

Shawn Bertram Jensen, 60, is charged with six criminal and two customs charges. Court documents say Jensen attempted to smuggle a Colt AR15 SP1 rifle and Ruger .22 pistol into Canada in Osoyoos on October 25, 2018.

On Monday in the Penticton court, Jensen’s attorney Wayne Jenson asked Judge Andrew Tam to postpone his client’s upcoming November 17 trial, which is expected to last four days, to the new year.

Jensen, a practicing attorney in Washington who lives in the United States, told the attorney that he would need to arrive in Canada 14 days before his trial in order to complete his mandatory quarantine period prior to attending.

When the process was first planned, a second negotiation date was booked for a four-day process starting February 2021, as a safeguard should border restrictions prove difficult.

The Crown Attorney did not object, but noted that border services had reassured her on multiple occasions that Jensen would be allowed to go to his trial in Canada as it would be considered an essential travel and that quarantine would be an inconvenience for Jensen when deciding to do so not to do.

Judge Tam approved the motion and Jensen will now begin the process on February 16, 2021.