Boston legal professional, ex-prosecutor, arrested on rape cost

Boston attorney, ex-prosecutor, arrested on rape charge

Gary Zerola.Boston Police Department

A Boston defense attorney surrendered to police on Friday, three days after a warrant was issued. He was charged with rape and broke in and kicked in at night, authorities said.

Gary Zerola, 49, was arrested around 12:50 p.m. and later tried in the Boston Municipal Court. Suffolk Prosecutor Rachael Rollins said he was being held without bail pending a dangerous hearing scheduled for Thursday.

On Tuesday, an arrest warrant was issued against Zerola for rape, break-in and night entry.

Prosecutors said Zerola met the alleged victim at a January 11 rally. He and a mutual friend accompanied the woman back to her apartment. Early the next morning, Zerola allegedly entered the apartment without the woman’s permission, who “woke up and found that he had sexually assaulted her,” a statement from the prosecutor said.

Rollins called the allegations “deeply worrying”.

“What’s worse, the crime Mr Zerola was charged for today allegedly occurred while he was on bail in a previous sexual assault case,” she said.

The case Rollins was referring to was Zerola’s alleged rape of a woman in 2016. He is on trial in the Suffolk Superior Court but had bail of $ 10,000 in the case.

Since 2004, Zerola has been charged with rape several times. He was acquitted on two rape cases in Massachusetts and one in Florida, the Globe reported.

In addition, Zerola is awaiting trial over two other rape allegations of alleged sexual assault on a victim he knew, Middlesex prosecutors said.

Zerola is a former district attorney in Suffolk and Essex counties.

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