Boulder County District Lawyer’s Workplace receives supplemental funding in grant

Boulder County District Attorney's Office receives supplemental funding in grant

The Boulder County District Attorney’s Office announced that it has received grants from the state of Colorado as part of the Coronavirus Emergency Supplemental Funding Program.

The grant allows the DA office to add four new posts and supplies that it needs to handle the backlog of cases.

The money will be used for problems that have increased due to the pandemic. These areas include keeping the community safe, creating opportunities to move court appearances to a virtual format, reducing prison inmates, and increasing the reach of victims of abuse.

The four positions added will be two assistant prosecutors, an administrative technician and a re-entry coordinator.

District Attorney Michael Dougherty said in a press release, “Without a grant to Boulder County, this grant will help improve our response to the overall backlog, increase in domestic violence cases and other effects of the pandemic. We are experiencing a “forced experiment,” but we can use that experience to learn lessons from the pandemic, including any positive adjustments that could be made for years to come. “

The public prosecutor’s press release did not list the amount of the grant.